About John Lewis

Our shiatsu teacher John Lewis first became interested in the human potential movement and natural healing modalities while studying Anthropology and Comparative Religion at university in the UK during the early 1970s.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, he studied macrobiotics, shiatsu, oriental medicine and wholefoods cooking at The East West Centre and The Kushi Institute in London’s Old Street. Specifically, he intensively studied shiatsu with Shizuko Yamamoto, Michio Kushi, Saul Goodman, Denny Waxman, Mike Burns, Bill Tara and Rex Lassalle.

Since the late 1970s, John has been studying, practicing, teaching and writing about shiatsu and related bodywork methods, macrobiotic medicine and oriental philosophy. He has presented his approach to these subjects all over the world including America, China, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Greece, The United Kingdom, France and Norway.

He has written, edited, photographed, designed, proofread and published many books and articles in the area of natural health and healing. His classes are always informative, empowering and fun.

John currently lives in Karjaa where he is working on a number of writing projects:

  • “Talking Backwards With The White Knight: a Dormouse’s Guide To Surviving The Doyo Period”
  • “Maintaining Your Health, Happiness, and Natural Immunity In The Modern World”
  • “Rebooting Your Glandular System For The 21st Century”

He is also blessed to be the father to eight beautiful children. His hobbies include music, endurance sports, photography and yoga.